The architecture historian, artist and photographer Tomasz Lewandowski is travelling to different regions of Poland to photographically document places of everyday life as well as politically and historically relevant places. In this context, he concentrates on places that are not very well designed, give an insight into Polish mentalities of the present and attitudes towards one's own history. In October 2018, on the occasion of Poland's 100th anniversary of state independence, he will present the exhibition "Polish Summer" in Dresden's Kunsthaus Raskolnikow.

In the seminar, which takes place in cooperation with Yvonne Kleinmann, Aleksander-Brückner-Zentrum / Martin-Luther-University Halle S., a narrative for the exhibition is to be developed in confrontation with the photographs, the represented places and themes. The aim is to use text panels and an audio guide to enable a moderately informed audience to access images and places. The seminar sessions as well as the preparatory research serve to go through this process themselves.