American Standard / 2011

Thunder Bay / Ontario
“Neighborhoods built up all at once change little physically over the years as a rule...[Residents] regret that the neighborhood has changed. Yet the fact is, physically it has changed remarkably little. People's feelings about it, rather, have changed. The neighborhood shows a strange inability to update itself, enliven itself, repair itself, or to be sought after, out of choice, by a new generation. It is dead. Actually it was dead from birth, but nobody noticed this much until the corpse began to smell.”
Jane Jacobs, The Death and Life of Great American Cities

American Standard was taken using digital technology. The series consists of 36 photographs with dimensions of 33 x 50cm.
Brandon / Manitoba
Niagara Falls / Ontario
Abbotsford / British Columbia
Winnipeg / Manitoba
Davidson / Saskatchewan
Niagara Falls / Ontario
Kitchener / Ontario
Calgary / Alberta