11.11. - 16.11.2019
Exhibition Auschwitz - Typologie eines Konzentrationslagers and book presentation Auschwitz - Fall of the Modern Age
Gallery: Quergalerie der Universität der Künste, Hardenbergstraße 33, Berlin, Germany
Curator: Prof. Dr. Matthias Noell

Fachgebiet Architekturgeschichte + Architekturtheorie / Institut für Architektur und Städtebau / Universität der Künste Berlin

Pictures of the exhibition opening of Auschwitz - typology of a concentration camp, University of Arts, Berlin. I thank for organisation and curating Prof. Dr. Matthias Noell, Sarah Herfurth, Carina Kitzenmaier as well as Carl Rosberg, for the wonderful musical performance Prof. Andrzej Mokry, for the interview during the opening Mr. Roman Pliske, director of Mitteldeutscher Verlag Halle (Saale)!

Auschwitz – Fall of the Modern Age is a publication of the photo-documentary project Auschwitz – Ultima Ratio of the Modern Age. The project is a photographic investigation of the connections between modernity and the Holocaust. The visual analysis is based on the architecture and infrastructure of the largest extermination camp in the Third Reich: Auschwitz-Birkenau. Lewandowski's photographs show building types as well as devices whose function was the mass killing of people. To do justice to this purpose, the planners and executives of these National So-cialist crimes made use of ration-alist means based on the basic principles of modernism. These principles were originally intended to serve the creation of surplus value, which was also understood as an improvement of the human condition. The Holocaust has revealed the ambivalence of the methods of modernity. The book is accompanied by two contributions by renowned historians Riccardo Bavaj and Matthias Noell.

Photographs: Zuzanna Kryńska, Carina Carina Kitzenmaier